The Woman in You

Louise Hallam
2 min readMar 26, 2022


This week I was taken on a beautiful sacred meditation journey by a friend. It was an amazing experience with mother earth. I have experienced a few insights since then one of which was the image of a tiger lily flower.

When I looked up the meaning, one of them was ‘Fortune favours the bold’. I was grateful to hear this, so it might speak to you too.

I also channeled this guidance for women on the edge of discovering who they are, ready to take the next step.

Staring into the void of your own dissatisfaction looking for a way of seeking knowledge, wisdom and understanding. Wanting to know the truth, speak the truth, but being afraid to ask.

The sense of disappearing in the background, invisible. A parent, a leader, a sister, a daughter, but not knowing who you are.

A lack of motivation, of triumph, of satisfaction, because nothing can match the care free days of wildness. Where you once allowed yourself to play, dip your toes into the earth, hum along to the bees, make daisy chains and speak with the fairies.

Where is the magic in your life? Where is the mystery? Where is the freedom?

It’s still there, hidden under fear, anxiety, being right, fitting in, knowing what’s ‘best’. Not wanting to disappoint, be weird or alone.

Yet you have become alone, because you are disconnected. You try and find comfort in artificial beauty, in aroma, in wine. In toxic food and emotions that damage you from the inside.

All this can be fixed, for indeed you are not broken. Take a glance into the sky, into the pool of water, into the flowers that bloom.

There is your beauty, your natural essence, your witch, your sorceress, your medicine woman, your priestess, your goddess.

Do not be afraid, come SEE come SEE.

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Louise Hallam

Intuitive Consultant, Spiritual Teacher, keeper of ancient wisdom, Native American storyteller, Author