See your Beauty

Louise Hallam
2 min readMar 9, 2022


To understand yourself is to see yourself naked.

Not just in the flesh, in the minds eye, through the eyes of your soul.

Without all the self-judgement, self loathing, self-deprecating that has added thick layers of denseness, so that you feel heavy and you cannot see.

You cannot see the beauty of your essence, the beauty of your light, the beauty of your spirit.

You have become weighed down by the expectation of a society that you were never meant to fit into. You were meant for something different, something special, something that you cannot define.

Now you have been given the opportunity to shed the conditioning, the programming, the beliefs, the illusion.

You are able to morph into a different shape, that once revealed is like looking at oneself through the eyes of a child, you as a child, born moments ago.

With innocence, with purity, with hopes, with dreams, with imagination, with creativity.

With magic, with endless possibility, with unlimited potential.

Who moves without wondering if anyone is watching, who sees through the wonder of nature, the seasons and transparent shapes.

Who sees the bright colours, energies swirling around and transforming and transcending into oneness.

You elevate yourself to the level of purpose that you came to be.

You create a platform for your special gifts and talents and you do not mind who hears or sees you, even if for a time you stand alone.

For you are never alone and others will rise up to greet you.



Louise Hallam

Intuitive Consultant, Spiritual Teacher, keeper of ancient wisdom, Native American storyteller, Author