It will all change — monthly channeled message

Louise Hallam
4 min readJul 4, 2022


You have reached your point of balance. Where you can centre and ground yourself in a new reality, In a new earth.

It is easy to tip the scales one way or another. You can easily be led back to the old ways of deceit and greed. They seep into the very pores of the earth and it will take time for them to dissolve completely. Where the corruption and lies have been revealed they will be replaced with a new wave of light.

It is a purging, a cleansing of all that does not vibrate with the New Earth. You may feel regret for a time for who you were and how easy everything came to you. Money, recognition, likes, praise, the perception of belonging. Yet many of these have been illusions and will begin to be stripped away.

You are going to come face to face with you. A stranger, unknown, who has many layers to uncover. Who has hidden their light under the mask of success built on a false perception of what success is.

How do you define success?

Your job, your title, your car, your house, your friends, your family? They only mean as much as you see in them. Falseness of success creates a stress of the mind that becomes the addictive drug of wanting more. Start with nothing, know that you have and are everything and success takes on a different shape.

Success is taking a breath, catching a dandelion clock, watching the ladybird crawl across the window. It’s spending time alone without being busy. It’s listening to the wind rustling through the trees and wondering at the beauty of nature. It’s knowing that where there is death and grief, there is also rebirth and new life.

What does your success look like now?

We are coming together to heal the planet. It did not work to take your own piece and then now wonder how it affected others. How it affected the land that the farmers have fought so hard to keep. We must dirty our hands in the soil, keep our chemicals from the water. Contribute to the food growth, the preservation of what it means to feed others.

To give to others without greed. To create time that we freely share with others. To listen, to understand, to heal. The conditions of the mind become overwhelming in the midst of change, of upheaval. Sometimes you can look into the eyes of someone and calm them with your peace of mind. This is nothing to be afraid of. Our eyes can see into the soul of others and when you are ready to use these gifts, they are there to heal.

You will all become healers, those of you that awaken. With your own unique gifts and talents. We have to know that what has been done cannot be undone, but that new can and will be created.

W can not undo the damage to Mother Earth, but we can create a new respect for her. Where we no longer inflict pain and carelessness. We exchange gifts with her. Nourishment, nurture, working the land with consideration, caring for her animals. We spend more time with her and can fully appreciate her healing powers.

A return to listening to the trees, the the animals, truly understanding the link between what we do and how it affects us all. Every single one of us.

A monumental task to restore order. But is it? If we all take a small piece and own it’s restoration to beauty. A square and all that is contained within it. The people, the plants, the life. Are they thriving, are they feeling joy, are they in their full potential? Do they roam free?

You see this is an expansion of the mind, understanding our responsibilities to ourselves and others.

Not forgetting yourself. Are you caring for yourself? Nurturing your mind, body and soul. Too much of this or too little of that. You have neglected yourself and the cracks are beginning to show. You pour in the light and it becomes bright enough to show others the way.

You may wish to understand more, for now you begin to seek answers. Who am I to be? What step must I take, why do I feel this way? A normal and natural process has begun as part of the journey of evolution. See knowledge, seek understanding, likeminded people, a connection, an attraction. Do not get distracted by fancy explanations.

This is simple. You are changing, you are the change. It will all change.

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